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New Math Carnival

February 23, 2009

Denise of Let’s Play Math has started a new math carnival, Math Teachers at Play. Her reasoning is that,

My middle-school level contributions often feel out of place (to me, at least), like toddlers at a high society cocktail party. On the other hand, the more general edu-blog carnivals (see sidebar) have grown so large that it’s nearly impossible to browse all their posts. I wanted something smaller and more “relevant” — more tightly targeted to my interests. And so, not finding the type of blog carnival I wanted, I selfishly decided to create one.

If you’re a math edu-blog, like Vlorbik, JD2718, Learning Curves, or Out in Left Field, the MTP carnival might be perfect for your kind of posts. That doesn’t mean that you don’t belong in CoM. In fact, back in the summer of 2007, a few postdocs thought CoM was getting too focused on K-12 level math and wanted to fork it to a new carnival of research math. It depends on who’s hosting.

The carnival is published on every other Friday, offset by a week from CoM. The first edition was on 2/20; the next will be on 3/6, and is yet to have a host. If you ever post on math education – and it’s very hard not to if you’re a math blogger, unless you work for Google – you should go ahead and look for an MTP edition to host.